A city on display

A lighthearted answer to the unaffordability of our city and other issues. The short phrase pops up in conversations (usually near the end) as a polite way to nudge our focus away from the unmanageable growth of homelessness, the unending protests, and the relationship between the cars of Vancouver, and the bicycles. 


After the lockdown, I began talking more directly with friends and coffee mates about their personal experiences of Vancouver. Most often, I heard back the sense of unreachability between them and the features of Vancouver that require more than a single person’s wages. 


In this project, I have recontextualized a collection of traditional Vancouver photographs (click on each image) and by distorting the standard framing of each picture into the shapes of the glass panels of a museum, aquarium, or other public displays, the experience of these famous vistas is transformed from "real life" into a city on display.

Heroes among us

Silhouetted by a brilliant sunset, Jack Harmons’ bronze statue of Olympic athlete Harry Jerome and the shipyards of East Vancouver say goodnight.



West End visitors take in a glorious sunset.


Public Viewing

Summer of 2019: The silhouette of a man’s phone camera becomes a salute to a psychedelic Vancouver sun set.