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While I was first learning how to use a camera, I lived in the East Vancouver community of Strathcona. My house was practically on the CN tracks between Raymur and Glen Drive. 

In those days, what caught my camera-eye were the spaces of old Vancouver. Shortcuts through the neighbourhoods hidden trails, and hideouts. These spaces continue to intrigue me today, and I am sure I have seen as much of the human condition from downtown rooftops and alleys as my friends have found, who regularly travel the world. 

My photography on this journey strives to move beyond the clichés of the city's natural beauty, the pieties of living and working on the downtown east side, and the evergreen surprise at the wealth that increasingly surrounds our city. Sharing it with you is my pleasure. 

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Artist Resume





2022 "Camera Crossing" the month of April

Outsiders and Others Gallery -East Vancouver

Virtual Gallery -

2021 "Blues along the CN line"

Solo Exhibit Month of October

Gallery at the Cultch - Vancouver East Cultural Center

2019 "Cafe Visits"

Milanos Expresso Bar & Gelato

Milano Denman Street

2019 “Extension of Tracks”                

Charles Clark Gallery. - Clark Drive East Vancouver

2018 “Pop-Up Exhibit”

Sorrento’s’ Barbers Hastings Street Vancouver

2016 “From the Street”                  

Firehall Arts Centre - Vancouver BC Group exhibit with local artist Jeff Wilson

2016 “Pop Goes East Van”                

Britannia Art Gallery – Group exhibit with local artist Kate Macdonald, Les Sears

2015   House Artist                            

Yolks Café  Hastings Street Vancouver 

2014  “Pop-Up Exhibit”                       

Brave Bull Steak House - East Vancouver (derelict building)

2014 “Tracks” 

Lost + Found Café - Hastings Street Vancouver





2014   “No matter the cost, follow your dreams”  

The Province, Wayne Moriarty

2014    “3 Vancouver artists to keep an eye on”     

Murality  Art Blog      


2014    “Smashed Window.”                                       

GoFundMe campaign

2014 “From the DTES to the Central Coast”        

The Province, Wayne Moriarty   

Galery at the Cultch
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